FMCG Brand takes the lead in in-store marketing research!

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ETS Worx has conducted a quantitative shopper research for a fast moving consumer goods brand, gathering viewing information of 20,000 shoppers over a wide range of in-store point-of-sale materials. With this study, the client takes the innovative lead in analyzing the in-store marketing mix with the aid of modern ICT technology.

Measuring 24 hours a day seven days a week

ETS RetailLab© is Software as a Service (SaaS) that registers the behavior of shoppers on location 24/7.

According to ETS Worx, in the year 2010 it is about time to structurally use ICT technology in fieldwork for off line quantitative market research. Sample size, accuracy, scalability, throughput time and budget are no longer an obstacle.

“With ETS RetailLab ©, we now have a clear and realistic picture of shopper viewing behavior over possible POS materials in retail. As a result of this study, we have selected a balanced portfolio of POS materials which we opt to use in the foreseeable future, “said the client’s head of market research. The research project was supervised by Art Frickus, retail specialist of the market research agency Conspicuous.

Shopper privacy

For ETS Worx, but also for the customer it is essential that privacy of individuals is guaranteed for 100%. Therefore no video information is stored or can in some way be linked to individuals, said Frank Engelman of ETS Worx. The actual behavior is measured locally and only anonymous behavioral data is recorded.

500.000 events measured

In the period of 12 weeks ETS RetailLab © has registered approx half a million viewings. As a result, the client has an extremely realistic picture of shopper behavior with cross references which include: gender, age, day of week, time of day, position in the store, etc.

Several very interesting characteristics of POS materials came to light such as, the optimal viewing distance, the best height level, the “shelve life” of displays, the best price / performance of displays, etc.


The ETS RetailLab © methodology consists of placing tiny sensors embedded or placed on top of in-store communication tools, which register attention and evaluates the viewing behavior of shoppers accurately. This happens with a variety of sensors, most of which operate on the basis of real-time video images. 24×7 data is measured and processed directly in an online Data Warehouse.

In depth analysis and discovery

From a ‘Dynamic Dashboard “reports and in-depth analysis can be queried with drill down parameters such as: Height level, message type, gender, age, day of week, distance to the object and many more. Viewing is accurately registered at intervals of 100 milliseconds.

Innovation: Shelve interaction!

Although this study in this scale is an absolute first for the Netherlands, ETS Worx continues to innovate. “One of our latest developments is that ETS RetailLab © is now able to conduct the evaluation on shop shelves. It monitors and recognizes which product is taken from the shelf “said Frank Engelman. This is not only a great development in research giving great insights but expands on unprecedented opportunities for real-time product and action-related screen information to shoppers at the moment that it is relevant. We expect the first pilot projects with this development to be conducted in the coming months.

About ETS Worx B.V.

ETS Worx was founded in 2007 and active in the domain of Interactive Digital Signage prototyping and research. ETS has executed a number of groundbreaking research projects and realized some highly sophisticated systems and blue prints for Intel. These systems are currently used worldwide by the Intel Development forum to educate and excite developers and marketers of digital signage worldwide. These blue prints will appear in future projects. ETS is a member of POPAI – a global marketing retail association and operate in conjunction with Market research companies. ETS Retail Lab © is designed for use in the broader field of market research.

Note: The client has, in view of the competitive sensitivity of the information requested to not to disclose the company name.

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